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justin-bieber-ariana-grande-collaborazione-500x497Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande might be at work for a musical collaboration that will lead to the publication of a sensational hit!  Yeah, it really seems possible that the King of Pop and one of the most beautiful voices of the current music scene have decided to join forces to leave once again speechless. All this, of course, under the able direction of the manager who follows them both, Scooter Braun!

Well, let’s say that it was only a matter of time with a manager Scooter Braun and intelligent as two talents such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande in hand, it took little time to realize that the super duet would come sooner or later. And indeed it seems that the time of the stellar collaboration between the sweet and the mythical Aryan Justin has arrived, at least looking at the pictures the singer posted on Instagram, followed by a Q&A on Twitter that really seems to herald some nice surprises.

Justin released on Thursday evening (May 1), a photo on Instagram where he and Ariana are found together in the recording studio. Of course, it is possible that Ariana is only passed through to greet and chat with Justin on the success of her latest single, Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)… and yet you just read the tweets to understand shortly after that, most likely, after the meeting between the two colleagues (and friends) there is much more!


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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

How about a duet between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? In the journal, M Magazine Selena Gomez talks about this possible duet : ” I’d love to . Yes, I think I’ll ask him. He is very busy, especially now that he is on tour,  I understand well.  I love that boy.  It was undoubtedly an inspiration for me on many points of view. Justin Bieber  has become one of my best friends, so if  we record a duet, it would be a dream come true for me and for him. I  think it would be very funny.  We hope that happens . ”

Selena Gomez seems optimistic, but if Justin Bieber decides to do a duet, you will see a fierce competition.  Some time ago, Miley Cyrus stated that it was interested in a duet with Justin Bieber (though without much enthusiasm) .  And what do you think Justin? When in recent months journalists have asked Justin Bieber with whom he wanted to do a duet he has done just that other names: Beyoncé, Rihanna and Cheryl Cole.  For the time being, the only female voice that has managed to bring home a duet with Justin is Jessica Jarrell .

In a recent trip to Australia, Justin Bieber was photographed on the beach playing football.  Upon inspection, fans noticed a small (very small) tattoo on Justin Bieber’s hip.  Turns out it is a tattoo of a bird!

There has been a lot of speculation whether Justin Bieber’s tattoo is real or a fake.  It could simply be a henna tattoo, temporary tattoo or an airbrush tattoo.  Well, wonder no more.  A photo surfaced of Justin Bieber getting a tattoo at a tattoo shop.

Below is a picture of Justin Bieber getting a tattoo.

Justin Bieber Tattoo

Justin Bieber Tickets

Justin Bieber and Jaden SmithNever Say Never is the new song by Justin Bieber.  Or rather not so new…  Never Say Never is actually the remake of an old song by Travis Garland, entitled “Sexy Together”.  Travis Garland is an American singer who, after playing in the boy-band NLT, now is attempting a solo career.  The song by Travis has really never been published in a record, but was part of a series of auditions for his next album.  The song was rejected by the producers of Travis, who then recycled the melody for “Never Say Never”, but changed some words.

In fact, the two songs from the perspective of the music are the same, changing only the lyrics and the rap part of Jaden Smith.  To make a big difference but it is the voice of Justin Bieber, far more interesting than Travis.  There is however no charges of plagiarism against Justin Bieber: these are the complex workings of the music industry.

Never Say Never will be part of the soundtrack with Jaden Smith Karate Kid.