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1400228168b6b742_lTaylor Swift has 2 concerts coming up at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA in July 2015.  The first concert is scheduled for Friday, July 24th, 2015 and the second is scheduled for Saturday, July 25th.  Tickets are on sale today and the face value price range of these tickets is $65.50 – $129.50.  This includes 2 pricing tiers ($65.50 and $129.50).  Including fees, the prices are $79.80 and $145.15 each.  These are prices set by Ticket Master.

Fans unable to purchase tickets to either of the Gillette Stadium concerts may purchase tickets online with a ticket resale marketplace.  The prices for these tickets will likely be much higher, however, you’ll have the luxury of getting the exact seats you want.  Tickets available for resale will begin at $100 (estimated) and may fluctuate depending on demand.

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beyonce-jay-z-gillette-stadiumOne of the hottest concerts to hit New England this summer will surely by the royal couple of hip-hop, Jay-Z and Beyonce who are set to hit the stage at Gillette Stadium July 2nd, 2014.  The “Mr. and Mrs. Carter tour” has been announced for 20 stadiums in North America starting in June and spanning through August.

This show should sell out in minutes (less than 15).  Other artists have sold out Gillette Stadium in less time and with a duo like these two, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t sell out the 60,000+ stadium in minutes.  The possibility of a second show is certainly in consideration, however, July 4th is already slated for Yankee Stadium in New York.  That’s quite a 4th of July celebration.

Because of the magnitude of this tour, it’s expected that certain markets will have additional concerts after the original shows sell out.  As a matter or fact, the New York Yankees will be on a road trip for over a week, leaving Yankee stadium wide open after the July 4th show.

Details for the July 2nd concert at Gillette Stadium are still being worked out.  It is most likely going to be an 8:00 start with gates opening at 7:00.  Standard Gillette Stadium rules apply so make sure you read the policies regarding bags, umbrellas, signs and such.  NFL Stadiums have heightened security and they are strict regarding enforcing rules.  Gillette Stadium has several large parking lots and because of its location, public transportation is limited.  The commuter train (T) runs to Gillette Stadium but usually for Patriots games only.

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