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sir-paul-mccartneyPaul McCartney has confirmed a total of 6 concerts for this summer (spring / early summer) as part of the “Out There” tour.  The tour stops include Memphis, Orlando, Austin, Washington DC, Boston and Tulsa.  Paul also has several concerts confirmed in Europe and South America.

McCartney fans are excited about these dates but rumors point towards more dates being announced.  Some tour stop rumors include Indianapolis, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Toronto and others.  Las Cruces, New Mexico was expected to confirm a concert at Aggies Memorial Stadium but was canceled for unknown reasons.

Tickets are on sale now for all 6 confirmed US dates.  If tickets are sold out, you can try finding tickets here: Paul McCartney Concert Tickets


paul-mccartney-fenway-parkPaul McCartney has just announced that he will be performing at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on July 9th, 2013!  This will be one of the biggest concerts of the summer, guaranteed.  Right now, they are claiming that this concert will be dubbed a “one night only” so make sure you get your tickets, this may be your only chance to see Paul McCartney at Fenway this time around.

Tickets are currently available for all sections of Fenway Park and more are being added daily!  Check out the tickets for sale by going here: Fenway Park Paul McCartney Concert Tickets

Of course, Paul McCartney is most well known for being a member of the biggest band in music history, the Beatles, but he has also established himself as one of the top solo musicians of all time.  McCartney has produced countless platinum albums and he is a sensation in all parts of the world.  Seeing Paul McCartney live in concert is going to be a huge score for any music fan.

Fenway Park has several concerts this summer but this one by far is going to be the biggest show of the year in Boston.  Other concerts at Fenway Park include Jason Aldean as well as Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z.  I’m telling you, do not miss this concert!

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z will be performing live at Fenway Parkin in Boston, Massachusetts this summer for 2 nights.  Tickets are on sale now to see the “Legends of the Summer Tour” featuring Hip Hop’s biggest star, Jay-Z and Pop legend, Justin Timberlake.

Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, is the oldest baseball stadium in the MLB and has been in operation since April 20, 1912 (101 years).  In the past years, Fenway has also become the home of many great concerts.  The next big concert will be Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z on August 10th and August 11th, 2013.  Tickets can be purchased online at Fenway Ticket King.

Justin Timberlake Fenway Park Tickets

Boletos PrimaA new website has just been launched for customers primarily speaking Spanish.  The site, (Premium Tickets), was conceptualized and developed in 2012 and officially launched in February, 2013.  The site focuses on concert events including Latin singers and bands but also has tickets for non-Latin events such as Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, One Direction, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift and more. is built with Spanish language to make the ticket selection and ticket purchase process easier for customers that do not speak Spanish.  The venue map with a list of tickets is fully in Spanish as well as the checkout, order confirmation and receipt.  As of now, there are not many ticket websites that offer this and customers must rely on the browser to translate the text for them.

Customer support is also offered in Spanish, however, temporarily, the caller must hit a number to prompt a Spanish speaking operator to assist with orders, event information and purchasing options.  A new customer support phone number can be expected soon and will be answered only in Spanish.

Boletos Prima offers customers a 100% Ticket Guarantee which protects customers from fraudulent tickets, cancelled events, wrong seats, and late delivery.  (Details)

With a vast knowledge of the ticket industry, top ranking events and cutting edge technology, is on pace to be a top-rated Spanish ticket site very quickly.  Thousands of pages are already indexed with a major search engine and traffic is growing daily.  Recent efforts have been made to promote the site via social networking.  The Boletos Prima Twitter account is set up and users can expect frequent updates via Twitter in Spanish.  A Boletos Prima Facebook page has also been created which will include news and updates in Spanish as well.  A Boletos Prima Google + page has been created and will be further developed for users that currently take advantage of Google +.

Some of the top Latin acts that are on sale right now include, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, Marc Anthony, Gipsy Kings, Thalia, Romeo Santos, Vicente Fernandez and more.  There are also some important key tours that are rumored to be unleashed soon that will draw mass Latin appeal including Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez and Pitbull.  Boletos Prima has a page dedicated to the top Latin artists that we can’t live without.  Their music has sold millions and can be recognized on any continent.  Singers and bands such as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Mana, Gloria Estefan, Gipsy Kings, Enrique Iglesias, Carlos Santana, Marco Antonio Solis, Prince Royce, Shakira, Romeo Santos, Vicente Fernandez and much, much more.

Check out Boletos Prima today and see what they have to offer in the way of concert tickets whether it’s Latin music or not!


Prince star Umbria Jazz 2011 – During this wonderful concert you will have the opportunity to see a live version of the most popular singers and followed as always: you can let loose on the notes of the most famous melodies, which rocked countless young people from from all over the world. Let us see who is closer to Prince.

Prince Rogers Nelson (Minneapolis, June 7, 1958) is a singer, guitarist, composer, record producer, actor, director esceneggiatore U.S., known by the stage name of Prince, especially popular in the eighties and nineties. A versatile musician, among his works feel explicit references to Earth, Wind & Fire Stevie Wonder to George Clinton, later to James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and Frank Zappa. His music involves various styles such as funk, classic rock and pop, but it has often been compared with the rap, and symphonic rock, producing a crossover music much appreciated by fans and critics. For the eighties Prince preferred to play with the press, inventing a series of stories about his childhood and adolescence, or lying about his date of birth. For a long time said they had Italian origins, history that has never been explicitly confirmed. Ernesto Assante in 1985 described him as “[…] very curious character, very far from the figure” angelic “and Michael Jackson’s ambiguous, much more tied to worldly feelings, our sexual infinitely more provocative, perhaps even smarter about what his business most direct rival. Especially […] Prince produces, sings, writes and plays music that, while remaining deeply rooted in the black tradition has embraced elements of rock, funk, pop, in an urban mixture, electrical, nervous, and that, subtly, constantly reiterates its nature black […] “. The inexhaustible artistic talent of the singer in Minneapolis leads him to continuously produce new songs, but also to be among the pioneers of online sales on the Internet: fact, some products become available only from its site. In 2004 the American magazine Rolling Stone Prince inserted to 27 th place in the list of the 100 most important artists in history.

In 1978, Warner Bros. makes him the youngest record producer: Prince quits in fact, recording studio and a few months later he comes out with his first album produced, written, performed and interpreted by him, entitled For You In Prince reality of things is supported by an executive producer, Tommy Vicari, the same Warner Bros., which hopes to monitor their investment. Even from an artistic standpoint Prince, before the contract with Warner Bros., he worked for a long time with a musician in Minneapolis, that Chris Moon, and these will be co-authored with Prince of single Soft and Wet, but would also collaborated with Prince in writing and in several other songs For You, is the next album entitled Prince. For you it is considered a nice job, very well maintained, in line with the trend disco era. Prince will alternate in playing all the instruments demonstrating their artistic talents as well as the use of the tools of the recording studio, thus earning the title of “new” Stevie Wonder. Only with the first album For You, Prince used throughout the full budget of $ 180,000, that Warner Bros. to make available, although originally intended for publication of 3 albums. In 1984 he achieved worldwide success with Purple Rain, in music as in movies. Simultaneously reach the top spot in the rankings of the individual, albums and movies. Before Prince were able only to the Beatles. The film of the same title, also won the Oscar for best original song. The song When Doves Cry win a Golden Globe for best original song. Purple Rain sold more than thirteen million copies in the United States for twenty-four consecutive weeks and remains at the top of the charts. In the U.S. alone the film earned more than eighty million dollars and was the biggest blockbuster of Prince. The U.S. recording industry has chosen the best pop album of the year Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, best single, the British industry said Prince Purple Rain best artist of the year and the best soundtrack, and even the Association for the ‘Advancement of Colored People awarded Prince as best actor, best musical artist, Purple Rain as the best soundtrack and best single When Doves Cry. After years of working alone in the studio and the band used only for live performances, the Prince makes his band, The Revolution actively participate in the recordings. Many songs, in fact, were recorded live and the version you see in the film is the same on the disk. Purple Rain Prince musically again proves to be innovative, the end of the electric guitar Let’s go crazy is a good example. At the same time, however, gives the public what the public expects: poignant ballads, catchy songs, guitar solos, some ‘good sex and live performances. Credited with so much talent and quality in music is the musicians who work with Prince: The Revolution of the band are now mature and well-oiled for years of trials with the same Prince.

So in La Repubblica on 19 September 1984: “After being the ‘apocalyptic interpreter of so-called” bomb culture “(especially with the record in 1999) now Prince returns with an album conceived as the soundtrack of the film Purple Rain, topped the American charts (both as hard and as a film.) Continue the astonishing escalation of the most disturbing phenomenon of American music in recent years: an androgynous black and arrogant demonic traits which in many respects can be considered the ‘exact counterpart of Michael Jackson. disturbing, violent, the first unsettling, romantic, peace, basically a good guy, the second. While Jackson, like Stevie Wonder, can be considered the highest level of black identity could also enjoy the white audience, Prince is something completely new . his character, as well as his music are bastard children of two cultures, a perfect fusion between the vocabulary of more aggressive blacks (funk, Rhythm ‘n’ blues, electric boogie) and the new rock white. between the two components there is no conflict. it is perhaps the first prototype of a whole new frontier culture that confuses its racial identities, but that brings together the ashes of dopobomba, narcissism dandy electronic new wave, the violence of ethnic minorities. Prince is one of those that seem to have been born with the mark of the great star. in a sense it already was in its infancy. Now it really is, even though in Italy the phenomenon hard to catch on. But it is a matter of little. Along with the new disc, the most perfect examples of new music in circulation, coming soon on our screens the film Purple Rain where Prince is also stated in the title role along with his band The Revolution. Think a little ‘: at this time a group has the courage to call it ”

The show will begin at 9:30.

This morning, I was looking for a version of the performance by Jack Black and Casey Abrams to listen to and I came across a great site called The site is great.  There are tons of versions of each song, a massive song selection and an option to download the song you’re looking for.  If you’re looking for a place to find mp3s or listen to music, check it out.

Ironically, it’s songwriter Diane Warren and not Beyonce herself who defines the diva’s fourth album, “4,” with a line like, “I want to leave my footprints on the sands of time.” Less flashy but just as ambitious as 2008’s “I Am . . . Sasha Fierce,” the new set finds Beyonce in genre-blending, career statement mode, weaving together mostly pop and R&B flavors in these dozen tracks. The album is quieter and torchier than its predecessors, with the singer delivering uniformly stellar vocal performances. Rich but not over-sung, she ruminates on love (“1+1”), lost love (“Best Thing I Never Had”) and the gray areas in between (“I Care,” “I Miss You,” “Start Over”). Messy arrangements trip up “Party” (with Andre 3000 and Kanye West) and the Boyz II Men-sampling “Countdown.” But the track “Love on Top” is a buoyant slice of girl-group pop and “Run the World (Girls)” is the expected shout-out to the independent women who may or may not have put a ring on it since Ms. Fierce last reared her head.