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Red Sox Game 6 Fenway parkThe Boston Red Sox are one win away from clinching the World Series title, and there is no better place to make that happen than back on home ground at Fenway Park in Boston! The Red Sox pulled off a win last night at Game 5 of the series in St Louis, beating the Cardinals 3-1.

Last night’s win moved the Sox ahead in the series 3-2, a much needed boost and a pivotal win for the Sox. Wednesday, October 30th the Red Sox take the field in front of their home crowd in hopes of bringing home the title, which would be the first time since 1918 the Sox have won the World Series at Fenway Park!

John Lackey will be taking the mound on Wednesday night for the Sox, while rookie Michael Wacha will be pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Be there to watch history be made! Red Sox vs Cardinals World Series Tickets for Game 6 are available now; there is a huge variety of seats to choose from for this game. From affordable bleacher and grandstand seats to premium field box and pavilion club seating, check out the selection at the Boston Red Sox World Series Game 6 Tickets page.  Fenway Park in Boston will be bearded out, join Red Sox Nation for this exciting game!


paul-mccartney-fenway-parkPaul McCartney has just announced that he will be performing at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on July 9th, 2013!  This will be one of the biggest concerts of the summer, guaranteed.  Right now, they are claiming that this concert will be dubbed a “one night only” so make sure you get your tickets, this may be your only chance to see Paul McCartney at Fenway this time around.

Tickets are currently available for all sections of Fenway Park and more are being added daily!  Check out the tickets for sale by going here: Fenway Park Paul McCartney Concert Tickets

Of course, Paul McCartney is most well known for being a member of the biggest band in music history, the Beatles, but he has also established himself as one of the top solo musicians of all time.  McCartney has produced countless platinum albums and he is a sensation in all parts of the world.  Seeing Paul McCartney live in concert is going to be a huge score for any music fan.

Fenway Park has several concerts this summer but this one by far is going to be the biggest show of the year in Boston.  Other concerts at Fenway Park include Jason Aldean as well as Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z.  I’m telling you, do not miss this concert!

Red Sox WinThe Boston Red Sox are still under .500.  They are only 24 games into the season and have spent most of the time in last place in the AL East.  As  a matter or fact, last night, they one game 3 vs the Baltimore Orioles to bypass the Oriels into 4th place.

The Red sox have not been struggling as far as ticket sales.  The streak continues at Fenway Park (the consecutive sell out streak that is) and the secondary ticket market (ticket companies like Front Row King, Fenway Tickets King, Tickets More and Stub Hub) are all showing very positive sales from Red Sox tickets.  The prices may be slightly less compared to previous seasons, however, there are people buying tickets and that’s the bottom line.

Red Sox fans are loyal and committed.  They will always have one of the largest fan bases in all of pro sports.  The team has the pitching staff, defensive staff and offensive staff to move to the top place in the AL East and even win the division.  It’s up to them to prove it.

Don’t get discouraged Boston fans… plenty more baseball to be played this summer!  October is a long time from now…

Being a sports fan in Boston right now has it’s advantages…

Boston Red Sox making a strong comeback and establishing themselves after a miserable start.

Boston Celtics sweeping the New York Knicks and putting them in their place.

Boston Bruins winning 3 straight games against the Montreal Canadiens.

The playoff schedule has worked out really nicely… Bruins game one night, Celtics the next, Bruins, Celtics, Bruins, Celtics, etc.  But if you had to choose one to watch (not both), what would you choose?  People in Chicago are dealing with the same thing… Blackhawks or Bulls.

Right now, the consensus is that the NHL Playoffs have proved to be more exciting than the NBA playoffs in cities where there are teams in both championship hunts.  At this point, I would watch Bruins and Canadiens over any Celtics match and I would choose the Blackhawks over the Bulls and Pacers.

What are your thoughts?  I am sure the NBA race will get better after the first round is completed.  The NHL has much better parity if you ask me.

To this point, this month, Boston Red Sox tickets are the 3rd best selling ticket among all sports tickets.  Other baseball teams in the top 5 include the New York Yankees (#1), and Minnesota Twins (#4).

Boston Red Sox tickets are always hot selling tickets for this time of the year mostly due to the fact that New Englander’s are so sick and tired of the snow, cold and lack of sunshine.  The Red Sox represent summer time, longer days, warm weather and (dare I say…) no snow!

The Red Sox 2011 home opener at Fenway Park is scheduled to be the Red Sox vs Yankees.  Other key games include the Red Sox vs Cubs (because the Cubs haven’t been to Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series), Red Sox vs Rays (because the rivalry just got stepped up when the Rays signed Damon and Ramirez), Red Sox vs Rangers (because the Rangers are now a competitive team) and many other division and inter league mach ups.

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