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This morning, I was looking for a version of the performance by Jack Black and Casey Abrams to listen to and I came across a great site called The site is great.  There are tons of versions of each song, a massive song selection and an option to download the song you’re looking for.  If you’re looking for a place to find mp3s or listen to music, check it out.


Sammy HagarSammy Hagar, former lead singer of Van Halen, believed to be linked to aliens from just four year sold.

Interviewed by an American publication to promote his new book, ‘Red: My Life in Rock Uncensored’, the singer and guitarist said he saw a UFO in a rural area where he lived with his family in the city of Fontana in northern California , and had the sensation of  “a contact of the third degree”.

“I know you may think I am crazy, but it was real”, said Sammy Hagar.  “They (the aliens) have linked up to my brain through a sort of wireless contact.  It was as if a download.  Downloaded data in my brain”, added the musician, 63 years.