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Sir Paul McCartney - Wrigley Field Chicago

Sir Paul McCartney - Wrigley Field Chicago

Quite possibly the hottest concert of the summer… former Beatles star and Pop/Rock legend, Paul McCartney has two concerts scheduled at historic Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois!  This is going to be a memorable show for any McCartney fan, Beatles fan or concert-goer from the Chicago area.

Wrigley Field has 42,236 seats for baseball games.  The concert will have on-field seating which will probably add another 7,500 seats (estimate) which would bring the attendance to a little less than 50,000.  Multiply that by two because of the second show and there are approximately 100,000 tickets for the Paul McCartney Wrigley Field concerts.

The shows both sold out through the Wrigley Field Box Office and TicketMaster, however, tens-of-thousands of tickets remain on the secondary ticket market through retailers such as Front Row King, StubHub, All Good Seats, Ticket Website HQ, and others.  If you’re in desperate need of Paul McCartney Wrigley Field tickets, I highly suggest using one of the above mentioned ticket re-sellers because they offer great customer care, a full 100% ticket guarantee and your order is completely safe and secure.

Other alternatives are ticket scalpers which you run the chance of being ripped off, scammed or buying counterfeit tickets.  Also, tickets are listed on craigslist, but you run the same risks as buying from scalpers.

Try the box office or ticket master first just to try your luck (it’s worth a few minutes of your time)… if no such luck, try an online ticket broker (Paul McCartney Wrigley Field Tickets).

Paul McCartney has two dates in Chicago, Illinois in addition to 2 dates in New York City (Yankee Stadium), 2 dates in Montreal, Quebec (Centre Bell or Bell Centre), a concert in Detroit, Michigan (Comerica Park), and a show in Cincinnati, Ohio (The Great American Ball Park).  If you’re planning on being near any of those venues in the coming months, you can check out Sir Paul McCartney live in concert.

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The Red Sox stacked the deck this year… the only question in the lineup is the catcher position.

The Yankees failed to obtain their highly sought after prize (Cliff Lee) thanks to the Yankee fans.

The Blue Jays, Rays and Orioles have not made any major head-turning acquisitions.  As a matter or fact, the Rays lost the one free agent they needed… Carl Crawford signed with Boston this offseason.

Based on the lineups, rotations, coaching and educated guessing, it’s expected that the final standings will look like this:

1. Boston Red Sox
2. New York Yankees
3. Tampa Bay Rays
4. Toronto Blue Jays
5. Baltimore Orioles

Boston lost 3 top prospects in the trade for Adrian Gonzales, however, they still have a lot of talent in the system.  Many players are looking to make that next step once the opportunity arises.  As of late, the Red Sox have seen a lot of the developing pitching talent due to past injuries and have seen only a glimpse of the many stars in the Red Sox system.

2011 is going to be highlighted by a historical match up that hasn’t occurred since the 1918 World Series… Red Sox vs Cubs at Fenway Park.  Also on everybody’s radar this year is Red Sox vs Yankees, Red Sox vs Phillies and Red Sox vs Rangers.

Ticket sales for the Red Sox are believed to be very strong this coming season as the Sox strengthen their chances in the AL East.

Red Sox Tickets

SWEET…  Any baseball fan can appreciate a match-up like this.  2 Very old and historied (is that a real word?) teams from two very well known sports cities.  It was announced yesterday (Sept 14th, 2010) that the Red Sox will host the Chicago Cubs in interleague play in 2011.

The Red Sox broke their curse in 2004 that dates back to 1918 when they won their last World Series (yes, against the Chicago Cubs).  The Cubs on the other hand, have yet to confront their curse of not making it to the World Series since then.

So here we are, almost 93 years later and the 2 teams haven’t played each other since the 1918 World Series (Please correct me if I’m wrong) and there are 3 games scheduled for May of 2011 (May 20th to May 22nd).

The Cubs and Red Sox share some similarities that cannot be overlooked…. their last meeting in the 1918 World Series, their “curses”, their old baseball stadiums, their good times and bad times, their passionate fans, their town’s love for sports and even players that have played for both the Cubs and Red Sox (Nomar Garciaparra, Mark Belhorn, Todd Walker are just a few I thought of off the top of my head).

It will truly be exciting to see this, no matter what team you follow, this is a great baseball match-up!  Fenway Park is the ultimate baseball experience and I am certain that at least 2 of the 3 games will be broadcast nationally.

Tickets will be on sale for next season this winter and are being advertised here: Red Sox vs Cubs Tickets at Fenway Park