Miley Cyrus new look to Bangerz and small problems Tour in London

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Concerts
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Miley-Cyrus-Bangerz-Tour-LondraMiley Cyrus is finally back on stage at the Bangerz Tour! After hospitalization, which caused the rescheduling of the last U.S. dates and the postponement of the first two in Europe, yesterday evening was held the first European concert at the O2 Arena in London, and of course the event was a memorable one, with a number of new and curious episodes.

Before you even get to the O2 Arena for the first concert of the tour in Europe Bangerz, Miley had already warmed the hearts of fans and made ​​a fool of the network, the whole matter of seconds. In fact, the singer has released a video on Instagram where dancing to the tune of the song Turn Down for What DJ Snake & Lil Jon, shot on the boat that was taking place at the concert. What’s so interesting? In the video, dancing, Miley takes off his shirt and for a second you move the bra, showing perhaps more than he intended. But that’s not all, in fact the problems with Miley’s clothes are continued during the concert in London. For the first show of the tour in Europe Bangerz, Miley debuted a series of new outfits. The first is a body adorned with Swarovski crystals with two exciting applications on neckline and back, reminiscent of the famous logo of the Rolling Stones, while the second body, with yellow sequins and feathery skirt of the same color, he gave the singer a few problems. While singing FU, the zipper on the back of the body was opened and Miley is directed toward the stage, where it is checked by mom, Tish, along with a costume that has solved the problem and the show continued without any further hitches.

Among the other new outfits presented yesterday evening by Miley, there is a white body with gems and applications, to which was added a hood, worn for the segment that includes Wrecking Ball. Finally, the singer has won over the British public with a final surprise for Party in the USA, at which time generally wore the costume stars and stripes, Miley was presented with a body inspired by the British flag, sending the crowd into a frenzy at the O2 Arena.


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