Garth Brooks To Hit New York or Nashville?

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Concerts, Country, Country Music, Texas, Tickets
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garth-brooks-countrymusicisloveIt has already been confirmed that Garth Brooks will be going on a world tour. From open confessions in interviews, to a hat on the Tonight Show that says “Garth Brooks World Tour” it is no secret that Brooks will be going on a world tour in 2014. The question is when will he announce it and where will his tour begin. While it can be debated all day long when Garth will be announcing his tour, we can speculate on where his tour will start.

One option is that Garth begins his tour on the eastern side of the US and make his way across the top of the US and Canada until he hits California. From there he will hit all the southern cities making his way back towards the east. This is a popular trend in concert artists because it allows them to cover each major city in the US and Canada in an orderly fashion. That means there won’t be too much traveling between stops. If Garth goes this route then it is most likely that he will start his tour in New York or Boston.

A second option is that Garth will begin his tour where most of his fans are, in the south. Since Garth is such a popular artist it might not be a bad idea for him to begin his tour in the Southern states and work his way in the opposite direction. This way once he has completed his tour in America he could possibly be looking at more dates in the Southern states of the US. His music is so popular that it is entirely possible that he could sell out multiple events in the same city during different times of the year. With that being said we speculate that Garth could begin his tour in Nashville or even further south in Houston.


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