Fans Pay Tribute to Jim Morrison

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Concerts, Music, Music Festivals, Rock

Fans of Jim Morrison met on Sunday in the cemetery Pere Lachaise in Paris, 40 years after the death of lead singer of The Doors, though the majority of those present not old enough to have closely followed the career of the idol.

T-shirts Morrison and The Doors, fans gathered around the tomb of the legendary singer who died in Paris on July 3, 1971.

The grave covered with pictures, poems, flowers, candles and other objects are protected by barriers. With incense, many visitors stay long periods in silence in front of the tomb.

Many people arrive and leave in a heavy flow. The visitors are part of several different generations, but most have less than 40 years. David Martin, the Italian who went to cemitário with several friends from the region of Treviso, near Venice, talked about his relationship with the singer.

– I spent half my life thinking about Jim Morrison. He is more than just a singer. We had come when he turned 30 years [Morrison’s death] and back to 50.

Vanni della Zanna, which proudly displays a black shirt with the face of the idol and the dates “03/07/1971 – 03/07/2011” which he built for the occasion, also talks about the idol.

Jim Morrison did not go out of style. Not his music or his lyrics or messages. All Morrison is current.

Beside, Fabio Marcon, also in northern Italy, explains that caused them to The Doors’ passion for music. “Both he formed a group called The Shaman’s Blues, whose repertoire is the same as the American band of Morrison.

Antoine Thomas and Corentin Naveau are Epernay, a little less than 150 km from Paris. Claim to be “outdated as his own generation.” Corentin stressed the importance of music of the door.

– The current music tends to use more easy to get to Morrison. We have nostalgia for a time we do not know.

Forty years after finding Jim Morrison died in a bathtub in Paris, the causes of death of the “Lizard King” is still a mystery.

Condemned in the U.S. for “indecency,” the singer went into exile in Paris during the spring of 1971, breaking with his band. Along with Pamela Courson in Paris intended to devote himself to poetry.


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