Despite Bad Start, Red Sox Ticket Sales off to Great Start!

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Baseball, Boston, Boston Red Sox, MLB, Sports, Tickets

Red Sox WinThe Boston Red Sox are still under .500.  They are only 24 games into the season and have spent most of the time in last place in the AL East.  As  a matter or fact, last night, they one game 3 vs the Baltimore Orioles to bypass the Oriels into 4th place.

The Red sox have not been struggling as far as ticket sales.  The streak continues at Fenway Park (the consecutive sell out streak that is) and the secondary ticket market (ticket companies like Front Row King, Fenway Tickets King, Tickets More and Stub Hub) are all showing very positive sales from Red Sox tickets.  The prices may be slightly less compared to previous seasons, however, there are people buying tickets and that’s the bottom line.

Red Sox fans are loyal and committed.  They will always have one of the largest fan bases in all of pro sports.  The team has the pitching staff, defensive staff and offensive staff to move to the top place in the AL East and even win the division.  It’s up to them to prove it.

Don’t get discouraged Boston fans… plenty more baseball to be played this summer!  October is a long time from now…


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