Pia Toscano to perform on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with Mark Ballas

Posted: April 21, 2011 in California, Concerts, Music, Pop Music

Dancing with the Stars has announced the former American Idol finalist will perform during next Tuesday night’s live results show on ABC.

“We have another great performance lined up for you next week. Thanks to our friends at Fox and American Idol — you know that little show? — It’s the network return of the sensational Pia Toscano,” Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron revealed during last night’s results show.

“She’ll be singing, and it features what promises to be an amazing dance by her close friend Mark Ballas. Don’t miss it next Tuesday night.”

The 22-year-old from Howard Beach, NY, had widely been considered American Idol’s tenth-season frontrunner but was shockingly eliminated from the show earlier this month.

Reports that Toscano and Ballas are dating first surfaced when TMZ spotted the couple leaving a Los Angeles restaurant after having dinner together on April 8, one night after she was eliminated from Idol. However, Toscano has denied she is dating the dancer and insisted they’re just “good friends.”

Toscano’s Dancing with the Stars appearance has been in the works awhile, according to TMZ, however Ballas is claiming it’s news to him.

“I just got told after Tom announced it. We aren’t allowed to know stuff like that,” Ballas told reporters after Tuesday night’s results show, according to People.

“I can’t tell you the song, but it will probably be something slow and romantic.”


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