Boston Red Sox Tickets

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Baseball, Boston, Boston Red Sox, MLB, New York, Sports, Tampa, Texas, Tickets

To this point, this month, Boston Red Sox tickets are the 3rd best selling ticket among all sports tickets.  Other baseball teams in the top 5 include the New York Yankees (#1), and Minnesota Twins (#4).

Boston Red Sox tickets are always hot selling tickets for this time of the year mostly due to the fact that New Englander’s are so sick and tired of the snow, cold and lack of sunshine.  The Red Sox represent summer time, longer days, warm weather and (dare I say…) no snow!

The Red Sox 2011 home opener at Fenway Park is scheduled to be the Red Sox vs Yankees.  Other key games include the Red Sox vs Cubs (because the Cubs haven’t been to Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series), Red Sox vs Rays (because the rivalry just got stepped up when the Rays signed Damon and Ramirez), Red Sox vs Rangers (because the Rangers are now a competitive team) and many other division and inter league mach ups.

The 2011 Red Sox have a lot of new talent and have a great depth in the starting pitching rotation.  It will be interesting to watch this season play out.



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