Boston Bruins vs Dallas Stars… 3 Fights in 4 Seconds!

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Boston, Boston Bruins, Hockey, NHL, Sports, Texas, Tickets

Last night was one of the craziest games I have seen in a LONG time… the Boston Bruins game vs the Dallas Stars game.  As soon as the first puck was dropped, a fight (Stars won that fight).  Only one second had been taken off the clock.  After the fight and penalty, the ref dropped the puck to start the game again… Another fight! The Bruins won that fight and that totaled 2 fights in 2 seconds.  So we start over again… The ref drops the puck and it took 2 seconds before another fight broke out (Bruins won that fight too).

3 Fights in 4 seconds!!!! WOW, that’s hockey.  To top it off, the Bruins scored in the opening minute.  Let’s recap.  In one minute of hockey, there were 3 fights, 30 penalty minutes awarded and a goal scored… that is how you start a hockey game.

The Bruins ended up winning the game 6-3.  Check out the article on NESN: Bloody Battles, Quick Strikes Pave Way for ‘Game of the Season’ Between Bruins, Stars (Video)

Also check out the video here:

The Bruins and Stars have a history of these kinds of games.  The NHL should schedule at least 10 games between the Stars and Bruins every season! haha.

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  1. myleo123 says:

    Shawn cleaned his clock,mcqaid hammered sutterby,Ott did sneak a quick left in

  2. myleo123 says:

    Shawn is a take one to give one this time he got the jump mcquaid crushed sutterby wow what a right hand on him

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