Steven Tyler Doing a Great Job on Idol

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Aerosmith, Boston, Concerts, Music, Pop Music, Rock

For those that watch American Idol and don’t know Steven Tyler personally, you’ve probably got a whole new outlook on the rock legend by now.  When most people think of Steven Tyler, they see the frontman for Aerosmith and probably think of him somewhere between Ozzy Osbourne and Bret Michaels.

Well, truth is, he is very smart.  He is also exceedingly funny and surprisingly kind-hearted.  He is also not as self-indulgent and narrow minded as most people would have expected.  Surprisingly, I think people can relate to him more than Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell or the other chick that was the 4th judge for 1 year (haha).

Steven Tyler as an American Idol judge??? Yeah, I thought the same thing… yeah, right, for how long?

To this point, Tyler has been one of the most spot on, truthful, inspiring and helpful judges that has been honest and kind at the same time.  Before now, America hasn’t really had the opportunity to see this side of Steven Tyler and I know it has been a learning experience for me too.  I think that Steven Tyler is making a push to replace Adam Sandler as New Hampshire’s most prized possession.

Kudos Steven, keep up the good work!


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