NBA Finals Report Card

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Boston, NBA, Sports

The LA Lakers have taken their 2nd straight NBA Championship and here is a report card for the Celtics. (Lakers Report Card Coming Soon)

Boston Celtics (Overall: C-)
The Celtics never got into a comfortable position against the Lakers and could not the only consistency was poor playing.  Bad fouls and sloppy plays should be ironed out by the all-star break… they simply ran out of gas.

Celtics Starters (Overall: C)

Kendrick Perkins (B-) Perk was injured for game 7 so that does not weigh in on his grade.  His size was the only size that could match up with the Lakers.

Ray Allen (C-) One of the best shooters in the NBA only had 1 good shooting game… in game 7, he had good defense vs Kobe and was able to hold him down in the first half.  Other than that and the shooting performance in game 2, Ray Allen sucked!

Paul Pierce (C) Pierce is the captain of the Celtics and at no point showed leadership and took the game into his hands.  When you mention “Big 3”, I would think somebody could score 30 – 35 points in 1 game out of 7 games between the 3 of them.  Pierce played marginally in most of the series and only had small spurts of good performances.

Kevin Garnett (C+) KG is getting old and has lost a step, Pau Gasol was right!  KG could only string together 3-5 minutes of good basketball per game.  He also gave up some pathetic turnovers.  This is not the KG we saw in 2008 (or in his Timberwolves days).

Rajon Rondo (A-) Rondo is the only starter that had something going for him.  He was the only one on the floor that did not look defeated or scared.  Props to Rondo!  This kid did not quit down to the last second of the series.  He didn’t have much offense to work with as the other players were not performing well.

Celtics Bench (B-) Glenn Davis was the only positive force from the bench on more than one occasion.  Brian Scalabrine was useless, Wallace takes stupid shots and takes ridiculous fouls, Tony Allen had no offense at all and Nate Robinson couldn’t get into a groove.

Doc Rivers (C+) Doc, made some poor substitutions in the Finals… taking KG out early in the 1st quarter when he was 5 for 5.  Taking out Rondo early in the game and other similar moves.  Doc never allowed anyone to get on a streak.  The team never seemed excited or energized which comes back to the leadership.

  1. Doc Rivers is talking about retiring, Ray Allen might retire also (but I don’t think he will) and who knows with KG… Maybe the Celtics should make a serious bid for LeBron!!!!

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