Never Say Never is a remake of a song by Travis Garland

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Justin Bieber, Music, Pop Music
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Justin Bieber and Jaden SmithNever Say Never is the new song by Justin Bieber.  Or rather not so new…  Never Say Never is actually the remake of an old song by Travis Garland, entitled “Sexy Together”.  Travis Garland is an American singer who, after playing in the boy-band NLT, now is attempting a solo career.  The song by Travis has really never been published in a record, but was part of a series of auditions for his next album.  The song was rejected by the producers of Travis, who then recycled the melody for “Never Say Never”, but changed some words.

In fact, the two songs from the perspective of the music are the same, changing only the lyrics and the rap part of Jaden Smith.  To make a big difference but it is the voice of Justin Bieber, far more interesting than Travis.  There is however no charges of plagiarism against Justin Bieber: these are the complex workings of the music industry.

Never Say Never will be part of the soundtrack with Jaden Smith Karate Kid.


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